Wedding Video from St George, Utah

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I wanted to share another amazing wedding from St George, Utah. Bree and Brad made the best of the situation as they were planning their wedding and realized the temple of choice for them, the St. George Temple, was going to be closed for cleaning when they wanted to have their wedding. As a plan B they were officially married the day before in the Las Vegas Temple but celebrated and did all the photos and video at the St George Temple followed by a reception at the Cotton Town Village. So it was a little unique that we all just showed up and did the family steps thing and had a great time. We were also able to go at a great time of day just before the reception to get the best lighting scenario. Now this couple was one of the most relaxed, happy, and chilled couples I’ve ever filmed. I don’t know if it was the fact they were really married the day before or just their personalities but it made for a great time for all.

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This is an example of this couples personalities and how relaxed it was. I’ve never seen anything like this in the 10 years I’ve been filming weddings. We were on the steps of the temple and about to get some shots and I noticed the groom was chewing gum. He didn’t want to swallow it or throw it off the temple steps onto the ground either so his sweet, beautiful loving bride took his gum and swallowed it for him. I was totally caught off guard and wish I would have started filming before the gum topic came up. It was really one of the grossest and sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

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The receptions at the Cotton Town Village was so great and incredibly decorated by Forevermore Events. Of course the many great vendors in Southern Utah helped out with flowers by Bloomers and the Cake by Sweat Cakes by Karen. Festival Sounds DJ’d the event and kept things moving and on time and it was just an amazing perfect evening.

Wedding Videography by Forevermore Films
Coordinator/Decor by Forevermore Events
Flowers by Bloomers
Cake by Sweet Cakes by Karen
DJ by Festival Sounds
Location St George Temple and Cotton Town Village

Sorry I’m not sure who else was involved in this wedding. Images in the blog are all taken from the wedding video and not from the photographer.

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