Utah wedding from La Caille to the Temple

Utah is a state with so many beautiful locations and scenery. One of the gems is a place near Little Cottonwood Canyon called La Caille. It’s actually a restaurant but with so much more. They have a 3 acre vineyard, gardens and patios that are just magical. So when I heard that Janessa and Andrew were going to have their first look and bridal session there I was super excited. This location and the couple along with the weather did not disappoint. On top of this I was able to work with a familiar and great photographer Amber Shaw. I loved filming this wedding and creating an amazing wedding video was not difficult at all.

After the formal session at La Caille, Janessa and Andrew selected to be married in the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple which is always a great location. Together Amber and I photographed and videoed the temple exit and chaos/joy of the family/friends on the steps. It was raining and sunny and everything in between on that day but again just perfect for capturing amazing images. I’m so glad I was able to film this couples wedding and below are some of the photos from Amber Shaw Photography.

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I realize there were so many other great Utah wedding vendors involved in this wedding and I wish I knew them all to give proper credit. The flowers, cake and dress and everything were just perfect. Below are the credits known to me.

Wedding Videography Forevermore Films
Wedding Photography Amber Shaw Photography
Venue La Caille
Venue Salt Lake City Temple


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