Macie & Jim Wedding Video, St. George, Utah Temple

On the famous Forevermore Films blog today is the amazing wedding video of Macie and Jim. I totally remember this wedding and around this time in St. George, Utah there were several days of very heavy rain and I totally expected a rainy wedding. I had my umbrella ready to shoot under and everything. I even couldn’t sleep the night before as there was so much rain, thunder and lightning. The streets were literally running with water. So the next morning to my and everyone else’s surprise it cleared up just for Macie’s wedding day. Now Macie never doubted the rain and as proof her reception that evening was outside and there was no other option or plan B. It turned out to be a great day but as the evening came so did the wind and Macie said she forgot to pray about that so the wind was her fault 🙂

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I loved this wedding and one of my favorite parts was the first dance and daddy daughter dance they had special live musical numbers to accompany them. It really made it a more personal and intimate feeling to be there. I loved the huge confetti canons they used on the sendoff and I’m so glad my camera was able to capture it in the extreme darkness that was there at that time. I just love the way their wedding video turned out and hope it serves it’s purpose and helps them remember all the details and feelings from their wedding day.

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Wedding Videography by Forevermore Films

Photos in this blog were all taken from their wedding video

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