Brigham City, Utah Temple Wedding Video

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I absolutely love my job as a wedding videographer. Being able to travel all over Utah and meet so many great couples and their families makes it in my opinion the best job. Also everyone (typically) is happy during a wedding. I was introduced to this couple because I had filmed a friends wedding prior and they loved the way that their wedding video turned out and booked Forevermore Films to capture their own wedding.

Hayley and Britton are lets just say very easy on the eyes and it makes any shots of them seem perfect. The other advantage we had was doing a pre wedding session and being able to shoot during the best time of day. We went out to a nice field near Box Elder, UT and a river (which was higher than normal due to the high amount of rain) to do their bridals. Now I’m used to shooting in crazy situations but this location next to the river had the most mosquitos I’ve ever been around. We were all loading up on bug spray the entire shoot and me wanting to be casual during the bridal session was wearing shorts 🙁 Lets just say I had so many bite marks after the shoot was over. But I would do it over again in a second. The video that we were able to capture is some of my favorite shots from 2015.

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I loved being able to edit a nice version of the wedding film from the bridals to be played on their wedding day as well which is another perk to having a bridal session filmed. The wedding day was also so fun at the Brigham City, UT temple. They exited into the sun as is typical there and we got the family hugs and everything. Then we went to Hayley’s parents home for a backyard reception and this was so great as well. Sure they live near a farm and there was a little cow smell in the air but it was perfect and really not bad at all. I played photographer a little there as there wasn’t a photographer booked on the wedding day. I loved it and am so happy to have been able to film their wedding video.

Please select HD when viewing the above video to see the best quality

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Most photos in this blog are screen shots from the couples wedding video. As mentioned I did do some photography on the wedding day and did take a few photos at the temple and reception.

Wedding Videography by Forevermore Films
Photography by Brad Winegar

I wish I could give credit to all who were involved. If I’m informed on any details I’ll happily add credits here. I know the makeup artist was so nice and the cake and everything was great.

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