Betty & Harrison, Mount Timpanogos, Utah Temple

As a Utah wedding videographer I’m able to film many LDS temple weddings. One of my favorite Utah temples to shoot at has to be the Mount Timpanogos temple in American Fork, Utah. It seems like every time I’m there we have perfect filming conditions. Clouds in the sky and a little wind to make the videos look great in slow motion. Also when the sun goes down you’re able to get great angles with some amazing sun flares which I also prefer. So when I went to film Betty and Harrisons wedding there I was really excited and our bride and groom session didn’t disappoint. I loved filming this couple and Betty has the best smile on a bride. She was glowing the entire time and as you can see in her wedding video she smiled and had fun a lot.

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This is really what I love about filming and capturing weddings. Sure we’ll pose and select great locations with great lighting and backgrounds but it’s truly the couple and their interaction with each other that make a great wedding film. So we posed and these two were so great and easy to shoot. We were able to get so much done in a short amount of time. We actually wanted to go to another location near the temple and there was an activity there so we were told we couldn’t go there. In hind sight this may have been the best thing to happen as we noticed a nice golden field near by that with the sun going down was perfect. We basically stayed there and got some of my favorite shots.

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In addition to filming the bridal session and getting some great shots with amazing lighting, we also captured the wedding day both at the temple and reception. I love emotion and capturing it. It could be an emotional embrace or the best men jumping up for joy. It’s just fun to capture all the details from the wedding day and preserve them in a wedding film. Utah temples are definitely fun for me to film and I enjoy the locations. again Betty and Harrison for choosing Forevermore Films to capture your wedding day. I know there are many Utah wedding videographers to choose from and I’m so glad we were able to work together on your special day.

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Location Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple
Wedding Videography by Forevermore Films

Images in this blog were taken from the wedding video


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