Beautiful Indian Wedding

Every year there are a few weddings I’m able to film that give me a new opportunity of capturing something I’ve never filmed before. It could be a new country, scenery, environment or style. I totally love it when this happens and this was my first and hopefully not last Indian wedding. So when you think of an Indian wedding you naturally go to snowy mountains right. Maybe not but Snowbasin ski resort in Utah was the perfect backdrop for this amazing wedding. Despite the snow in the mountains the weather was perfectly warm in May.

Brian and Archana were so happy and literally glowing the entire day. We started early with Archana doing a special ritual with her parents. I’m so sorry I can’t remember the names of these events but you’ll see some of it in their wedding Film. Next she got ready in her amazing lehenga dress and Brian rocked his sherwani. Then some makeup touches and we were good to go.

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The Indian Hindu wedding ceremony lasted about an hour which as I understand is very short when a typical Hindu wedding would last several days and we squeezed it into an evening and hour long ceremony. I loved the officiator as well since the ceremony was in another language and sung he was great to explain some of the things that were happening in english as well before continuing with the ceremony.

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Then we went and had some family photo and video time along with bridal party. We didn’t have much time before the reception began but we had enough time to get some amazing shots with the sun just setting behind the mountains. One thing I remember is the grooms shoes were stolen by someone in the bridal party which I guess is a tradition. So you may notice in the video he’s without shoes but I like it and it totally worked for their wedding.
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The party and dinner were one of the funnest I’ve been able to be at during the long time I’ve filmed weddings. I loved the DJ’s bubble machine for video and everyone danced which is always what makes a great and fun video and helps to create great memories. left this wedding loving the chance I had to meet this great couple and warm and loving families. I had a great time and I hope I was able to create a wedding video that they can watch and relive and remember all the little details that time tends to fade out.

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Wedding Videography by Forevermore Films
Photos in this blog are all screen shots from their wedding Film

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